Houses vs. Condos: Which is Better For You

We have all been taught that the standard house with a white picket fence is the American dream and is something we should all strive for. However, we all know people that willingly choose not to live in houses even when they can afford them because they do not like them. So, if you currently have the finances and are debating whether to opt for a house or another option, you can keep on reading below for a comparison between houses and condos and which of the two might be a better option for you.

In terms of location, condos are definitely the more convenient options since majority of them are situated in the city which makes commuting from work a lot easier than with houses that are all located in the suburbs. With condos everything is closer and within reach, so you end up saving time as well as money when it comes to gas.

When it comes to luxuries, a condo has more of them. Condominiums have shared amenities like pools, indoor gyms, parking areas etc. which the condo owners can enjoy. However, they do have to pay the home owner’s association fee for them regardless of whether or not they actually do use the amenities, so that is a drawback.

In terms of freedom and privacy, this is where condoms are lacking. Since condos basically comprise of shared units in a building, they are not able to achieve the kind of privacy that comes with having your own home. There are also restrictions and rules that condo owners have to follow be it their pet policy, renovation or part policy etc. these rules are not bendable unlike homeowners that can be do as they please with their property. E2 Condos currently are open for bookings in case you are looking for condos in your area.